BCP-Molecular Connections Demo of RWE Services Offered
MC offers best-in-class services in the real world evidence domain – from evidence synthesis to performing systematic literature reviews and meta-analysis. You can further avail our highly interactive statistical platform to view, assess and analyze the study outcomes in a simple, yet efficient manner. Try out our quick-launch service buttons below to know more!


Evidence Synthesis

Obtain the most relevant evidence pertaining to a clinical question of your interest, identify evidence gaps in order to arrive at more coherent and efficient outcomes.

Systematic Literature Review

Synthesize a comprehensive scientific reports from PICOS and research questions. We identify, evaluate and synthesize findings of relevant primary studies with high quality reviews.

Meta-Analysis and Network Meta-Analysis

We bring in a multidisciplinary approach for carrying out critical assessment of Literature findings in order to identify patient outcomes that are of significance to clinicians, payers and patients, and an understanding of the impact of emerging treatment or changes to the treatment guidelines for the specific patient population.


CDISC Standard for Exchange of Nonclinical Data – SEND Services

We offer high quality SEND data output for preclinical research data from CROs and carry out normalization and validation of data to adhere to FDA complaint formats.

Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Pre-Clinical Studies

We enable SLR-MA of pre-clinical studies to prevent biased and delusive data generation and provide a less biased interpretation of research outcomes.


Statistical Services

We offer instant visualizers and customizable analytical interface combined with statistical frameworks for perform data filtering and data management.

Medical Writing and Publication Assistance

Our solutions support in accurately interpreting and discussing the results in relation to the literature, and further assisting in making strong conclusions/recommendation.

Literature Alert

Get the latest publications in just one click! Click here to find out what’s new in literature in your disease are of interest.

Order a PICO 

A made-to-order PICO request form designed to fulfill your research needs! Click here to generate your evidence synthesis request in 5 easy steps.